Welcome to your site! If you want to know Andalusia and its corners, here you will find all the information of our region as well as its novelties.
If you want to escape from the mundane noise don’t worry, our region offers you everything you want.
If you are a lover of art, history and in general monuments, this is your region so come and we will attend delighted. Andalusia has received the imprint of many peoples and has left its art and culture.
Discover the big historic cities, as well as the small cities that are no longer monumental heritage.
However, if you are one of those who like nature, you can also come and enjoy our natural places as well as activities. You can do sustainable tourism activities with nature and experience unforgettable experiences.
Andalusia is also a place for sports and leisure activities throughout the year you can enjoy.
Andalusia is also a land of worship and traditions that we celebrate and show to the rest of the world every year.
The region is also rich in its gastronomy and you will lack time to enjoy the dishes and recipes of the many corners.
Between two seas and close to the African continent is a land of nature and enjoyment.
In Andalusia we hope and help you escape your routine. We’ll welcome you with open arms.

Nature activities

Andalusia is an ideal place to do activities in nature. The great geographical and natural richness of our region allows us to carry out all kinds of nature activities.

Marisma.actividades en la naturaleza

The beauty of its landscapes and ecosystems invites us to dive and to know its different corners. The fauna and flora of this region are an incentive for all kinds of activities related to nature.
bosque.Actividades en la naturaleza
Trekking, scuba diving, bird watching and all kinds of sports invite you to explore its different outdoor corners.

Arrival to Andalusia

Our website makes it easy for you to get to Andalusia, and leads you to it. The arrival of our region is easy thanks to its infrastructures, with roads, ports and airports.
Andalusia has five airports that can be reached from any point. The most important is Malaga that receives most of the foreign arrivals. It is a renovated and modern airport destination of the main European capitals.
Seville that was also refurbished and that every time you receive more foreign tourists. Seville’s airport each year expands the number of destinations in Europe.
Another airport that receives more and more foreign tourists is the airport of Jerez without forgetting the airports of Granada and of Almería located in strategic zones for the Andalusian tourism.
Also the big cities have arrived by train to their different stations. High-speed trains arrive in Seville, Cordoba and Malaga. However, this network is expected to extend to the rest of the provinces.
Now if you are a road lover and want to come with your own vehicle, the road network is modern and safe. The region has a large number of modernized roads and highways that prevent jams during the high season.
These infrastructures were modernized on the occasion of the fifth centenary of the discovery of America and subsequent celebrations. To the main cities, or tourist destinations of Andalusia can be reached by motorway or motorway of toll.
Andalusia being a maritime region, it also owns commercial ports. The cruises arrive in Cadiz, Malaga, Huelva, Motril, Almería and even to the fluvial port of Seville.

The large shipping companies use our cities as regular scales of their ships giving a special touch with the vastness of those large ships anchored in the ports.
If you want to arrive in Andalusia here we indicate a tool to be able to reserve a transport.

Religious tourism routes Andalusie, Seville, Cadiz.


The Andalusian region has been characterized throughout history for its religious fervor. The different towns that have passed through here have left their mark as leverage. These people have brought their religious cults, some have stayed and some have not. This is a reason to establish religious tourism routes, another kind of Tourism in Andalucia, and cities as Sevilla, Cadiz, Etc..
From Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans passing through Visigoths and Muslims. However, three religions were the main influence in this religious fervor. Christianity came to Andalusia in the first century through the legions.
This Christianity was evolving during the end of the Roman Empire and the High Middle Ages. However at that time, it also conlived Judaism from which it derives and years later came to Islam.
For seven centuries the Iberian peninsula was dominated by Islam, however the other religions coexisted. Christianity of that time remained majority, only forced conversions increased the number of Muslims.
As a general rule during those times the coexistence was peaceful except with the North Empires. With the advent of the Christian kingdoms again the worship of Jesus was regained.

imagen de Jesus de Baeza.turismo religioso

The Middle Ages, renaissance, and especially the Baroque Christianity has a total role in life. Pilgrimages were the origin of religious tourism.
The cults and traditions that characterize our region practically all the year evolved from those times. From the pilgrimages with medieval beginnings to the rites of Holy Week of Baroque origin.
The religious traditions of our region are also linked to culture and art. Sculptural works, architectural, pictorial and other arts are linked to the religious fervor of the community.
From here we offer various religious routes to know the history, the faith and the art of our region linked to Christianity