Snowshoe ride in Sierra Nevada

Now that we are finishing Christmas and the ski resort of Sierra Nevada is open to full performance, it is time to receive the visits of winter sports lovers and enjoy their magnificent facilities.
Sierra Nevada offers for this time magnificent conditions for skiing or snowboarding as its ski lifts and slopes are operational although not snow thanks to the artificial snow cannons.
Every year it is possible to contemplate that the station has the best offer of accommodation, better services and also better connections since in telecommunications have made investments and we can also be connected online.
But we wondered what would happen if we didn’t enjoy skiing or snowboarding. We are from that group that we can not afford the material or pass or simply do not know how to ski, can you enjoy the snow without having knowledge of winter sports?
The answer is yes, as the ski resorts have democratized. Sierra Nevada is no longer just that season for those who annually practice winter sports, an activity that tends to be expensive although the Andalusian season is one of the most economical in comparison with its sisters in the Pyrenees. Sierra Nevada offers other activities to those who want to enjoy the snow at cheaper prices and without the complex of not having taken a few poles and skis in his life.
For some years, Sierra Nevada has a leisure area in Pradollano called the White Blackbird. It is a small winter amusement park to enjoy the whole family, where they combine sliding tubes, slides with inflatable rolls similar to a summer water park, also a sled track and the star of the facility, the Russian sled. All for economic prices.
Another of the activities to enjoy in the snow and outside the enclosure of the station itself and that has become fashionable from a few years to here, is walk or excursion in snowshoes.
This activity is scheduled as an excursion of approximately two hours in areas near the station as the Pico Vane. For a more economical price and with snowshoe and guide equipment, you can enjoy the snow of the wonderful white landscapes of the National Park of Sierra Nevada, as well as its species of flora and fauna of those altitudes.
For wealthier pockets, you can rent ski machines and motorcycles to explore areas that can only be accessed by motor vehicles.
An alternative to the enjoyment of the snow for all the pockets that extends the offer of the Granada station.