Donana National Park ( Imperial Eagle)

A privileged place and sanctuary for birdwatching is naturally the Doñana National Park, located in the provinces of Huelva, Cadiz and Seville.

Dunas de Doñana.birdwatching

Its situation near the African continent makes it a wintering area of passage and permanent residence of birds. It is a park formed by several ecosystems like the dunes, the coast, the pine forests and of course the marshes.
The marshes of the Guadalquivir are a sanctuary of many wader-type birds. Storks, herons, Gazettes, spatulas, avocets, black, anades, geese and other birds are main representatives of the marsh.
In the spring and summer season we can contemplate flamingos in the marshes as well as hidrohide, and raptors like the Harrier Harrier.
marismas guadalquivir.birdwatching
Guadalquivir MARCHES.
If we speak of raptors, we can also find them in areas of pine forests as the case of the Black Kite very common in this area by their prey.
Black kite sing
In the area of the Black Kite we can also find populations of the Griffon vulture which abounds in the park in search of carrion.
Another abundant raptor in the areas of the dunes is the toed eagle that looks for its prey between lizards and snakes.
However, the star of this national park in ornithological areas is the Imperial eagle. Inhabitant of the pine groves whose population is recovering in large steps although it is difficult to see.
milano negro.birdwatching
Within the pine woods at night, we can hear the common bed as a kind of nocturnal raptor.
The areas to be able to visualize the marsh birds are in the village of Rocío and the Salinas de Bonanza.
Spatula sing
In marsh areas we can see armed with binoculars beside horses and oxen to the cattle egrets.
aguila culebrera.birdwatching
aguila culebrera
However, one of the most interesting areas to view birds is the great cork oaks known as aviaries. Hundreds of birds of many species nest in these large trees.
We show you routes to visit and sight birds in the Doñana National Park and lodgement.