Old Manuel Lois hospital

Located in the center of Huelva was one of those buildings full of ghosts and cursed that are still in the memory of many. It is the old Manuel Lois Hospital. The building was demolished but for many years, there has been talk of the appearance of a nurse or ghost nun who walked through its dark corridors.

Many of his materials were left in the hospital. One night, for no apparent reason, a fire began that reached a considerable size, since the firemen were overwhelmed. According to these firefighters, a mysterious figure emerges from the smoke and flames, a disturbing and mysterious figure.

The rooms were places of difficult, hard and sad moments for what happened in them. Numerous ouija boards have been found and many are the tests to contact the spirits of the beyond.

There are many witnesses who mention innumerable strange noises and shadows walking around the building especially a white lady who cries at night and scared the employees of that building. Even today they hear the sounds of stretchers and wheelchairs moving, as if they were in operation, as well as laments, cries and sounds typical of medical instruments.

All these phenomena accelerate the closure and dismantling of this building as a hospital center, of which there is still a part for administration.

All paranormal phenomena still occur, and even animals begin to feel affected by it. Dogs of the vigilantes, have felt the presence of something invisible that has disturbed and even frightened

Many neighbors in front mention that the objects they stole that were abandoned, as in the case of lamps, began to work independently and without apparent connection, a special case that shows another phenomenon of this mysterious building.