Belmez faces

In August 1971, in the small locality Jaen de Bélmez de la Moraleda, a locality in the Sierra Magina and surrounded by olive trees, was the site of an inexplicable phenomenon, probably known as the most important paranormal phenomenon of modernity worldwide.
In a small and humble house of number 5 of Calle Real, while celebrating the festivities, the owner of the house Maria Gomez, observed a puzzling and inexplicable phenomenon that lasts even today.
On the floor of the kitchen, a stain began to appear that initially was a stain of moisture, but that was taking shape rounded with eyes, nose and mustaches well defined. Faced with astonishment, the landlady warned the neighbors and with the help of a Master mason, they cast a layer of plaster to bury the strange face. However, after the days, the stain reappeared and also taking a shape more and more definite and darker to take shape of countenance more serious and severe. It was the first of a series of faces that appeared in this building. This face was christened the kettle.
This face was ripped off and stuck on the wall as a frame. Later, images appeared on the floor and above the chimney, images of a woman with a certain beauty and soon after images of many faces as cherubs or children.
These faces and graffiti are changing shape and have been happening after the years, and it seems that have stagnated since the time of the owner’s death in 2004.
Natural explanations to this phenomenon seem to be related to a stream of groundwater that passes under the village and generates moisture that with the warmth of the house itself, generates these stains of moisture that take shape that are interpreted as human and not They stop having a scientific explanation.
However, we must not forget the esoteric part, as the house is located on a former Muslim cemetery of the 12th century, and which were extracted long ago, bone remains. Centuries later, it was also the seat of an old brothel, which is why the faces of women and children appear, as their children, that surface on the ground.
Yet another, more terrifying legend, is that of the Civil Guard, who in the civil war, after heinous crimes in the contest, died eating some poisonous wild fruits that made him bleed to death. It was very common for a member of the Guardia civil, to look great mustaches, similar to the face known as the Guan, with a stain similar to blood sprouting from the mouth.
Many have spoken of alleged Psychophonies recorded in the house where threatening voices and other messages are heard.
There is no doubt that, to this day, the phenomenon of faces remains the pride of the people. Sample of this is that, a little before reaching the same, we find indications, lest we lose. It is true that it is the biggest tourist attraction of this locality, and that it does not have many more, except to be located in the slopes of Sierra Mágina, and to be a very beautiful village by itself