Casa de Castril

The building that houses the archaeological museum of Granada, the Casa Castril, is another one of those places with charm and also with reading of a ghost that walks through its interior and that is the cause of a great mystery

The history of the Castril House, a palace whose construction ended in 1539 on the remains of an ancient small Arab palace that was very common in the area of ​​the Muslim quarter of Axares, before the Christian conquest in 1492. In fact, it was the kings Catholics who allowed the construction of this palace, on the remains of the Arab palace. A prize to one of the many men who allowed the city to fall and its delivery by the last Nazarite King Boabdil.

The manor of Castril would then be created, and one of his successors Hernando de Zafra, who was a widower, had a daughter of great beauty. The legend tells us that the young woman remained locked in the palace to protect her honor but this did not stop her from falling in love with a young man belonging to the harvest family, a staunch enemy of the lords of Castril.

Misfortune and misunderstanding took over the house as the chaplain and a young page, were usual accomplices of these clandestine loves however, one night when the young girl played with the young page as if it were a child, his father saw them, and he thought that he had been sullied by a vulgar servant, for which reason he ordered to execute the young page himself.

According to the young page while he was hanged, he asked for clemency and justice to what the Lord answered, that he would have time to be given justice there in heaven. Also, the confinement of the girl became more severe because the balcony where she lived, was walled up to avoid escape and there she finished her days.

In 1998, the workers mention the presence of a young lady dressed in white of great beauty, which unlike other ghostly apparitions, instead of terror conveyed much peace. The zones of the apparition, is the high plant where in fact she lived, and where it is said that she is seen wandering with a lit candle.

Some workers mention that such peace is transmitted, that even when they have been found ill or indisposed, their evils have disappeared in the presence of such a ghostly figure.

Another place of paranormal phenomena is the room dedicated to the Romans, which mentions the fact that alarms jump for no apparent reason or the presence of someone, however, the room conveys much distrust and uneasiness.

But the phenomena do not end here, a neighboring building called Casa de La Torre, often has sounds of steps when there is no one in the area, but the steps are absolutely easy to hear.

The poltergeist phenomena occur in different salts with noises that indicate that changes and movements are made in the furniture and in the figures, however much noise is heard, nothing has moved and there is no one

The presence of the spirit of a nun from the nearby monastery of San Bernardo is also mentioned, but this place with so much history is shown as a container of events that have not been clarified and that show a high paranormal activity.

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