Casa de los Luna

The old house that presides over the Plaza de San Andrés, known as the Casa de los Lunas, hides behind its gates a story transmitted from time immemorial and that today causes fear to the bravest. It is another of the dark places of Cordoba judging by the events that occur and that has a beginning with its initial inhabitants. According to the story, In this palace lived a very rich Jew who made his fortune as a moneylender. He was a despicable being who had won everyone’s hatred.

His money was kept in the basement of the house, there were a series of passages that he had built for that case. On one occasion, going to keep a bag of money, he suffered pain in his back and had to ask for help from his daughter, a 10-year-old girl.

After receiving the corresponding instructions, the little girl began to walk through the convoluted corridors until she reached the room where she had to deposit the coins. She had the bad luck that a mouse frightened her and threw the candle out in the dark. The small attempt to retrace the path but was lost and calling his father this was not able to locate it. The usurer, asked for help from the neighbors who refused to remind him how mean he had been with them

The old miser, defeated, I finish alone and dying with the noise of those laments of that lost girl. Today, the legend tells that those laments of the lost girl, of a heartrending type, are still heard in the corridors of the old house. But always accompanied by that cry even more heartbreaking of the father who in life and for his actions did not receive the help to find the only thing that in life gave him something of humanity.

All this phenomenology begins just after dark and lasts practically all night. If you walk around the place maybe you could hear it on the cold winter nights.