Castle of Almodóvar del Rio

In the province of Córdoba, one of the most famous places linked to the presence of a ghost is the Castle of Almodóvar. Located in the area of ​​the banks of the Guadalquivir river, on a hill more than 200 meters high, the castle allows you to see the whole plain of the Guadalquivir and allows you to see the nearby city of Córdoba.

The origin of the castle is from the 8th century, shortly after the Muslim conquest of the Iberian Peninsula.  The castle whose name in Arabic was Al-Mudawwar, was built on that hill to control the valley and monitor the enemies that could threaten the neighboring Cordoba.

It began to have importance since 759, with Abderrahman I and in the two following centuries its importance did not decline with the caliphate, since the castle would always be a watchtower.

 After the fall of the Caliphate, this town took control of the different Taifa kingdoms, such as Carmona, Toledo and finally the kingdom of Seville.

His legend comes shortly before the conquest by the Almoravids, or in the eleventh century, with the wife of the lord of Almodóvar, Zaira.  Zaira always waited for her husband when he was fighting against his enemies from the However one day her husband’s horse arrived alone, a symbol that he had died in the final battle against the African troops. Since then, Zaira entered a moment of melancholy and sadness that led to him locking himself in his bedroom and not eating.

 Lady Zaira finally died in the most absolute of sorrows and the castle eventually passed into different hands until its abandonment.

The history of paranormal phenomena begins in 1907 and they speak to us of strange appearances in the fortress and of a white figure that is thrown from the highest point of the fortress. Continuing in the twentieth century and after hardly any phenomena, after a reform in the fortress strange appearances begin to appear in the middle of the night, dark voices, doors or windows that opened and closed

 It is indicated a date, March 28, date of the death of the Lord or the day of the arrival of his horse, which according to witnesses, appears with more paranormal activity than usual.