Convents of Closing of Seville

The city of Seville, rich in civil and religious monuments, shows us a series of buildings that are among the best known but still have the same richness and monumental importance as well as their value and religious feeling.

The cloistered convents of the different orders or old convents converted into museums or other institutions enrich more the religious and civil heritage where styles such as Mudejar, Renaissance or Baroque are mixed.

We can discover how the nuns or friars of the congregations live and lived and the activities they live in, in many cases related to gastronomy as well as the artisanal type naturally related to the religious world.

These spaces of closure and peace show us the spaces whose construction in some cases are architectural masterpieces and their walls include works of imagery and pictorial related to Catholic faith and dogmas and that are of master geniuses such as Murillo or Valdés Leal as examples more known.