Cortijo Jurado

The Cortijo Jurado is a clear gothic-Anglo-Saxon building, with two floors and of quite huge and colossal dimensions even for that time. With the presence of ghosts and an incredible number of hundreds of windows. The building contains a chapel and, according to rumors, below is formed by deep cellars and sinister tunnels and passages. The farmhouse and what once were its land, are located on the outskirts of the city of Malaga, in the neighborhood of Campanillas.

The story tells that during the time of its inhabitants a set of dark and difficult to resolve events occurred, specifically at the time that the first Heredia lived, in these macabre events, their neighbors could also have participated the Larios, residents in the nearby farm Colmenares , which in our days is a golf club.

Supposedly both families, originally from the Rioja, had a close friendship. According to the legend, at some point in the late nineteenth century, girls began to disappear in Malaga, who were subjected to all types of torture and were related to some kind of satanic shot. The Heredia began to be the focus of the accusations of these murders, because they were supposed to belong to Freemasonry and presumably, and it was believed that they had imported these diabolical practices from England or France, where they maintained good contacts.

Some of the bodies of these girls appeared on the banks of a river that ran close to the farm and it was thought that they had arrived through the tunnels of which we mentioned at the beginning. In those basements it was believed that there were rooms with a lot of torture machinery.

It is said that another tunnel would communicate with the house of the Larios, to stop them from entering the interior without being seen.

This legend is the macabre part of a building with history but with time, the legend was growing. We speak of strange lights through the windows, as well as blows and unknown noises and poltergeist phenomena, but what is more scary can be the cries and shouts that are heard and that have made the place an icon of mystery and fear.

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