Castle of Santiago

Another one of the places of Sanlúcar de Barrameda with ghost, is the Castle of Santiago, located in the high zone, or high district of the city. The castle, which in some moments of its history threatened total ruin, was completely restored and has reached us today as an example of the fifteenth century.

The building, very contrary to what is thought, was not built on another initial Muslim construction, but from scratch in an upper area of ​​the city by the Duke of Medina Sidonia, Enrique Perez de Guzman the Magnificent, between 1468 and 1492. The dukes of Medina Sidonia were descendants of Guzmán el Bueno, and in many moments of their history faced wars with other nobles or the king of that time, reason for the existence of the castle in that area as it dominated the entire region and the entrance of the Guadalquivir.

Its strong walls, its keep, as well as the moat and the slopes, gave it better defense before the projectiles that were then used as artillery. In the castle we access the main part or courtyard of weapons used today as a place of celebrations and we can also contemplate the presence of secret passages. Today in the visit we can see their rooms and rooms very well preserved as well as a library and a canteen that as we have indicated is used today for celebrations. This castle centuries later step to the crown of Spain to be used later like Hospital of infectious, and like Jail in the Civil War.

However, in addition to the good state of conservation and beauty of the fortress, we find the presence of specters that have been ravaging for years.

According to members and workers of the canteen, from its beginnings, many times they hear noises and heartrending cries of women. On other occasions, they talk about objects being thrown at them.

It also mentions the fact that many times light bulbs burst, or simply light candles spontaneously. Some of the workers mention to us the fact of finding the musaca lit at full volume without having proceeded to do so.

It is spoken of the legend that one of the inhabitants is doña Leonor de Guzmán, well-known lady of the dukes of Medina Sidonia that the castle dwells although the presence of other figures seen from the windows is also mentioned that are not friendly.

An ideal place to spend the night of the deceased, in a spectacular and worth visiting space.