The Specter of the Marquis

Ayamonte, is one of those people with a ghost that has that aura of mystery. The border town, has some of the most known stories of mystery in the province of Huelva.

One of them is the specter of the marquis, a ghost that appears in the palace of the Marquis of Ayamonte and whose legend we tell below.

In the seventeenth century, the Marques de Ayamonte, allegedly carried out an uprising in Andalusia that sought the independence of the region. Something suspicious due to the lack of involvement in the defense of the border with Portugal that had become independent years before, and that led to an investigation by the Duke of Medina Sidonia. The Duke of Medina Sidonia, denounced these facts to King Philip IV and he was arrested, tried, imprisoned and years later beheaded.

So far the more or less true story of a death by a betrayal, however the legend does not end here. According to the inhabitants of the town, in the upper area of ​​the city, a horseman without a head appears riding on horseback, riding through this high area, demanding the death of the duke who betrayed him. These spectral appearances occur on full moon nights.

However, the appearance of the ghost of the marques does not end here, since according to his unofficial biographers, he was a religious man and quite a believer who after his death appears in his palace taking walks and telling everyone that he has no grudge against who betrayed him, in fact he even forgives them since he is not the guarantor of justice and only God is.

This message has its importance because after his death, there were other uprisings and uprisings against the king and more death of other nobles by beheading as a warning to sailors.