The ghost of Jaen Parador

Completing the small mention we make to hotels and accommodation establishments enchanted or with the presence of ghosts, we find probably one of the best known and important not only for its category as a hotel but for the history contained in the building.

This time we talk about the Parador de Jaén, located in the Castle of Santa Catalina, on a hill at whose feet there is the city of Jaén, and where the entire area of ​​the Guadalquivir Valley, the Sierra Magina and the Sierra de Cazorla are contemplated .

The Parador de Jaén is a castle built on Arab foundations by Ferdinand III the Saint, in the thirteenth century during the conquest of that region by Christian troops and later in the twentieth century, after a reform, it became one of the Paradors that dot the Spanish geography.

It is told from about the 60’s, that a series of strange phenomena occur in their facilities. Especially, it highlights, the phenomena occurred in the room number 22 of the establishment.

The guests say that during the night, they knock at the door, and when they open there, there is no one. It is in that same room where the objects move, are thrown or even a drastic temperature drop occurs even with heating.

Phenomenology does not end here, some witnesses, guests and employees, mention the presence of a young woman dressed in Arab clothes who walks around the room constantly. According to the hotel management and employees no one who works there uses that clothing.

The story mentions the existence of a young Muslim named Jasmina who died of love for a disappointment with her beloved. A very recurrent story when we talk about enchanted castles.

Other witnesses mention the existence of another spirit known as the Terrible Lizard, who walks around the premises complaining about the circumstances that led to his death and that was none other than the ravages of a long captivity.

Paranormal phenomena or trickery invented by people who do not know how to draw attention, if we can indicate that the castle has a great history due to the circumstances lived from its construction to this day.

Wars, intrigues, deaths and other events occurred in its walls without a witness or a record that could reach us today as any everyday technological element makes us arrive. Only witnesses give us information that we do not know their reliability.

Other places in Andalusia probably have this kind of stories that are part of their own folklore, however we invite everyone to check if it is true or if it is a simple myth told in these lines and discover a building with history, where it is even said that the French president, Charles de Gaulle.