The Palace of Villarreal and Purullena

If someone in Puerto de Santa María, mentions ghost stories, the oldest of the place probably mention the palace of Villarreal and Purullena.

History tells us that in the eighteenth century, the Marquis of Villarreal and Purullena, came to El Puerto de Santa Maria from Naples, where his father became viceroy. The Marquis settled in the city and earned the fame of charger of Indians, a job within reach of very few with which he made his fortune, with which he built the Rococo palace that we can contemplate.

The marques was an art lover so he decorated his rooms with paintings and carvings of the Baroque and the same as a cross stalk counts since apparently he was good at art as well as being a patron. Its decoration and its rooms were rich and tastefully decorated.

History tells us that the Marquis had a daughter who inherited his title and came to thrive as much or more than his father. However, the legend tells us that the daughter had some illicit love with a black slave owned by the father and that when discovered, he locked her for life until death in a room and the slave was executed by order of the marquis.

Years later the palace was abandoned, and the title was lost among the different heirs, however in the sixties, due to remodeling works, they found in a room the skeletal remains of what looked like a woman.

From then on, the presence of a strange white figure that walks and lights lights at night is mentioned. It is also mentioned that those nights, even from the street you can hear certain cries of uncertain origin.

Whether true or not, we can say that the palace represents one of the most legendary and folklore venues in the beautiful town of Puerto de Santa María and as not for apparitions of ghosts.