The town of Sancti petri

The town of Sancti Petri, near Chiclana de la Frontera, also offers its ghosts to all visitors who visit it. The history of this fishing village dates back to 1946 when a consortium was created for tuna fishing, and this town is built with its houses and all kinds of services for the conservation and seasoning of tuna to obtain the tuna.

This town was inhabited by entire families throughout the year as well as other families who came in summer during the fishing season. The town presented all kinds of services, including a church.

The period of activity and habitability lasted until the end of the 70s, when the Fishing Consortium was dissolved, and families were forced to abandon the settlement by the nearby city of Chiclana. Nearby, what remains are some fishing businesses and a marina in the pipe of the same name. The town today presents a desolate aspect and in a certain apocalyptic point.

Their ghosts begin to show themselves with spectral apparitions at dusk. The most famous is that of a girl who is about eight years old who walks barefoot, with a disheveled look and a certain air of sadness, typical of an age when it is not normal to encounter death. Its usual zone of appearance is the surroundings of the church although it is also seen by the area of ​​the beach where the boats of the fishermen were located.

There is no burial area in the town, since the people of the place when they died, were buried in the cemetery of Chiclana, however there was a period of high infant mortality due to diseases that were not cured at that time as they are today.

Another appearance is the ghost of a man who wears a kind of cassock and sandals evoking a kind of priest, an appearance that lasts a few seconds and rather more blurred that gives a more gloomy appearance could it have been the pastor ?. It is not known.

The last of the most spectacular appearances is the presence or not of a sea creature that leaves the sea, leaving its footprints on the beach. A kind of monster belonging to the order of cryptozoology and that does not come from this world. A cursed place in a town, known as the town of the renegades.

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