Business School

Known is the legend of the ghosts of the University of Cádiz, specifically in its business faculty. The building was initially a hospital created in 1903 and later used for the victims of the Civil War, specifically those injured by the bombardment that Cádiz had on the part of the Popular Front and which was supported by Admiral Valdés.

As is well known, every building that once hosted a hospital, is a focus of paranormal phenomenology, especially in tragic circumstances such as a Civil War.

The hospital was a center for those victims who had no family and who, in many cases because of lack of means and negligence, died within its walls. It is said that children were forced to take medicines violently and we are talking about a difficult historical context and lack of means.

The building as a hospital closes in 1990 to begin remodeling and reconversion works in one of the centers of the University of Cádiz, specifically its Business faculty. During the works, many workers began to circulate the rumor that the building was enchanted. The reasons are that the lights began to turn on and off alone, many shadows were seen, we heard heartbreaking cries of a girl.

These phenomena are repeated with the arrival of the students, indicating also that one of the epicenters of the spectral apparitions is the central library, which at the time of the hospital was its mortuary. In this location, the witnesses mention the most terrifying appearance of all, the presence of a nun, whose habits are stained with blood.

However, the other place in the university space is the Delegation of students where the presence of strange figures is mentioned and the feeling of going all the time accompanied by footfalls and presences that do not show or remain invisible.

Whether or not a legend or truth, if we can indicate that the single image of the building recalling a hospital, gives a sense of fear before a building dotted with harsh and traumatic circumstances in its history.