Ghosts of the deputation of Granada

The city of Granada also has a haunted house case with ghosts and paranormal phenomena. We are talking about the building of the cadastre, and former headquarters of the Diputación de Granada. Paranormal phenomena began in 1985 and years before it was rumored to be an enchanted flirt.

For years there have been cases of ghostly presences, poltergeist, multicolored lights that appear in the rooms and presences of beings that are not of this world. In addition, the place has been the scene of several tragic events, deaths due to suicides, accidents or simply fatality.

To understand the situation about the phenomena, we will talk about the history of the building. The area where the center was built was up to four times a place of worship. According to historians in that place an Arab palace could have settled during the time of Muslim domination. It would be more of a Muslim mosque although it is not known exactly. If we can indicate that there is construction of the Nazari era at the time of the Nasrid kingdom, and it is thought that it was not just a mosque but 3 mosques and a rabita, something like a Muslim hermitage.

Later, the Church of the Magdalena was built, also characterized by tragic events such as an accident of horse carriages carrying coffins that according to history was the reason for the closure of the church. In the nineteenth century it was used, after desacralization of the temple, as warehouses And many of those who passed there mentioned mysteries and unexplained events.

During the 20th century changes were made in the use of the building and a series of works discovered a series of bones, and the workers of the warehouses mentioned having seen some people who appeared and disappeared in a mysterious way. In the 80s the building was converted for the use of the Provincial Council and the workers already spoke of table movements, disappearance of utensils, voices and other phenomena.

However, the most shocking phenomenon is the appearance of a ghost that, according to the indications, corresponds to a former priest who was a member of the congregation of the Magdalena Church