Home Virgen de los Reyes and Hospital of the Five Wounds

We are in front of a building, called Hogar Virgen de los Reyes, a building from the beginning of the twenties that was originally an annex to the Hospital of the Five Wounds and then a Hospice.

Today it is a building, owned by the City of Seville used for multiple use as art workshops or theater, and has a church, now desacralizada used as an exhibition hall.The complex was restored years ago and has a much improved appearance.

Its history tells us that it was sometimes used as a hospital and in years after the Civil War, an orphanage for abandoned children and children of parents killed in the conflict.  This institution was supported by nuns who offered help to these homeless children.

The strange phenomenology begins in the time that this complex begins to be used as workshops.  Eyewitnesses indicate that the figure of a emaciated and malnourished child can be seen in its corridors.Other witnesses mention this event in the bathrooms where they can be seen in the mirror while we wash.

However, one of the most disturbing images is the appearance of a nun from other times levitating in the desacralized chapel. We can indicate that the building always has the deadly cold that reminds other dimensional spaces.

El hospital de las Cinco Llagas. The hospital of the Five Wounds.

 Just opposite the previous building, we find an architectural jewel of the sixteenth century, the Hospital of the Five Wounds, now the seat of the Andalusian Parliament and hospital until 1972. This building was the largest hospital in Europe in the Renaissance and served to welcome the dead and patients affected by the plague of the Plague of that time.

Initially helped by religious, and its walls and dependencies were witnesses of the pain that was experienced at that time and that is registered for posterity.

Since the nineties, it is the seat of the Andalusian Government, and the witnesses indicate the existence of the specter of a nun who walks in the rooms of the building. Existe  There is a legend about the existence of a nun called Sister Ursula, responsible for hospital care at the time of the plague.  One version spoke of a pious moja that helped the dying and another version that spoke of questionable methods of healing and even torture. What has become a classic, is its presence that even the parliamentarians of the Junta de Andalucía talked about as a member of their institution.