Hospital of Santiago

The city of Úbeda considered as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, also has its ghost story in the Hospital de Santiago, a sixteenth century building and located on Cristo Rey Avenue. Its construction was made by order of the Bishop of Jaén Diego de Cobos and is possibly one of the most important buildings in the city

His initial project as a hospital for the sick poor and its construction was full of problems. In 1917 it is declared a historic-national architectural monument and today it is used as a Library and cultural center.

There was a superstition in which it was believed that when the sword fell to the ground to Santiago Apóstol would be a sign of bad omen. Interestingly, when this happened, the building was closed.

However, the legend does not end here, since in its interior strange phenomena happened like the sound of a distant bell or the cries of children, often heartbreaking cries of pain and disturbing voices.

The building was restored however, the phenomena related to the ghosts were still manifesting, as for example the mysterious voices and there are even witnesses who saw a nun walking along the corridors of the building.

Later with the change of use of the building, the workers of the same listened, mentioned that they were blown, they touched them. Faced with these phenomena, they refused even to go to their job.

There is a particularly active area is the third floor where strange phenomena multiply the sound of something very heavy crawling and movement of objects. Then, it is verified that there was nothing, although they can be traces of what was the old hospital.

And in the building they have been registered by video luminous spheres, which were recorded by the security cameras during the exhibition “Tierras del Olivo” and which involved the security guards alerted by that strange phenomenon.

A place as magical as enchanted this Hospital of Santiago de Úbeda, that we can not get lost in one of the most beautiful cities of Andalusia.