Royal Hospital

Another place of ghost activity in the city of Granada is the Royal Hospital, a building built in the time of the Catholic kings on an old Muslim cemetery, and which was the place of an asylum where some of the considered enemies of Spain ended.

This building suffers a fire in 1549 and is seen in the need to rebuild it being a soldier of the Third of Flanders its main driver and that came to have up to 200 beds. It is a building with pilasters and Doric columns with a cover of the seventeenth century and some stairs built in marble. The building has a church near San Juan de Dios also of the seventeenth century.

The hospital allowed to separate the different patients according to pathology in addition to serving in later centuries as a military hospital

The story of the ghost begins with the inclusion of Juan Duarte, a Portuguese afflicted with madness and protected by the promoter of the hospital Captain Anton Martin, who had a Moorish servant who found in the hospital his place of abode and where a day without Apparent motives was found dead
Since then his ghosts walks through the rooms of the building, but really not scared but is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of it and walks covered by a tunic.

Legend has it that a French soldier, in the Napoleonic occupation, dedicated himself to pluck the eyes of the images of the angels and later appeared dead. According to what they said, it was the Moorish who had something to do with it.

The building ceased to be a hospital and was about to become a hotel, however after several attempts, businessmen came to flee from it to see the presence of the ghost of the servant.

Today, the building is part of the foundation of San Juan De Dios, a place qualified and suitable for everything to be accomplished as indicated by the ghost of the Moorish servant.