Scenic Garden “El Altillo”

One of the mysteries of Jerez on ghosts, is in a place known as Garden of “El Altillo”. This area today turned into a wonderful recreational park as a leisure and entertainment area for the people of Jerez for the enjoyment of them and their children, has a longer history and a mystery still unsolved.

As we know, this place was the estate of El Altillo, a space that at the beginning of the 20th century was bought by the winemaker, founder of the company Gonzalez-Byass, and that was completed by vineyards and ornamental trees giving it a space aspect Victorian English

That aspect was not only aesthetically in his gardens and home, but apparently also applied to the education of his descendants and specifically in his life. The patriarch, had seven daughters to whom he gave a British education, based on cultural, language learning, sports and a love of nature.

This place, which even had a river with an island, was a garden that delighted the guests and, according to contemporary legend, the famous delinquent El Lute, after escaping from the prison of Puerto de Santa María, hid in these gardens.

The seven daughters of the patriarch, had a strict education through a British governess and in fact only one came to marry a descendant of the King of Ireland but nothing more. Up to here the more or less truthful history of this place.

Since that time, passers-by who walk through what is now a garden, have found themselves face to face with phenomena that are of this world. Steps, voices, laughter, lights and alarms of the adjoining building that ignite and extinguish in an inexplicable way.

In the garden there is talk of the presence of several girls, specifically seven, who walk in a way to a Santa Compaña, in a procession of deaths similar to those of Galicia. Seven girls, who never left the place, because they never let them get married.

We do not know the mystery that is, or what happened, but it was a time of many interests, jealousies, misgivings and hard moments. It is not known what finally happened with those sisters but if you want to discover it you only have to walk on a winter afternoon.