Laguna de Fuente de Piedra

The Laguna de Fuente de Piedra is the largest lagoon in Andalusia and one of the most important wetlands in the region. It is located in an area surrounded by olive trees in the terms of Antequera and Fuente de Piedra, in an area of ​​soft relief surrounded by olive groves.

The lagoon is fed by runoff from the rains and is of endorheic origin and has a certain salinity due to the presence of common salts and gypsum which, in the dry or summer season, precipitate as soon as it evaporates.

The lagoon due to its salinity is a place of halophilous vegetation, whose ecological role is very important in maintaining the ecosystem. Also, in this lagoon it is common junco-type vegetation or reeds.

laguna de fuente de piedra

The lagoon is a place of passage, nesting and wintering of many species. In winter it is common to see species such as laughing gulls, feelers, or cranes, some of them breeding in spring.

However, the most emblematic species is the flamingo bird, constituting one of the few places where the species winters, inhabits in a sedentary way, and where it reproduces, being one of the few places in Spain. The months of March, April and May, is when the prenuptial and reproductive period begins, assuming a greater presence of birds.

Sound of the flamingo bird

You get to the Visitor Center José Antonio Valverde and then to the bird viewing areas are the Vicars or the area of ​​La Madriguera, and observatories as well as two trails, the Laguneto and the Albinas, and we can practice activities such as hiking or bicycle touring.

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