The town of Laroya, located in Almería, suffered one of those apparently normal phenomena but later could be considered paranormal phenomena. On June 16, 1945 a series of fires occurred for no apparent reason, and attacked to say it in some way to all the one that crossed his path.  It is thought that the phenomenon was related, with spontaneous combustion occurred to an inhabitant of the area.

 Laroya is located in the Sierra de Filambres and has a scarce population of just over 100 people. The phenomenon occurred a hot summer, spontaneously appearing more than a thousand fires ravaging the surroundings.

 The catastrophe was an enigma since it began in the green wheat of the hamlet Franco and, the time a girl was possessed by the flames in the cortijo Pitango.  Fortunately, she was rescued by her relatives, alerted by her screams.

As the victim then told, a ball of blue flame went to his apron and lit it instantly. The fire quickly spread through his body and although he survived, they were the worst moments of his life

It seemed that the fire only wanted to destroy that village for some reason, but the reason was not known for sure. The beds, sheets, blankets and other belongings were directly affected without any type of control

The inhabitants, wanting to find an explanation, went to the Civil Guard, but found nothing apparent. The officers could see how Estela’s farmhouse, Jesús Martínez Morales, was the grass of llamas that appeared spontaneously. He had started a sequence of strange events and made macabre.

The following days, those fires spread throughout the town and the same girl was again burned by the flames, although without regretting her loss. She was finally known as the girl of the Flames.

The fires were impossible to extinguish; Its virulence was such that when the crews and crews arrived to put them out, the fire had already done its job. Some older people mentioned the revenge of the “Moro Jamá”, a Moorish burned by the Church and who had claimed revenge beyond death after his execution, and others believed that it was the wrath of the God Reshef, Egyptian god from the war.

The scientists who appeared on the site ruled out volcanic phenomena, or solar phenomena and even an arsonist.

 The gossip continued to tell terrifying appearances of a child, rather the skeleton of a child in flames, which closely resembled the Egyptian god previously indicated.

Finally the girl with the flames, although she survived, was the victim of madness, and finally she committed suicide by poisoning herself, but it was not the only tragic event related to her family, her brothers and sister also committed suicide and none of the other surviving members indicated that They had seen because the secret happened to a better life.