Laundry room at Puerta del Sol

The Realejo is a neighborhood with history of the city of Granada and where the Jews settled in Muslim times, especially the most splendid, the Nasrid and where, among its streets in zig zag, is the famous laundry of the Door del Sol, a structure, which is formed by a roof with a series of columns brought from an old chapel which had a cemetery, that of Santa Escolástica.

This chapel happened to a better life, after a demolition and its forgotten cemetery, and on it were built houses like Carmen de las Ánimas, inhabited until a few years ago by the Porto family.

According to three of its members claimed that they have witnessed various ghostly appearances inside the house. One is actually pretty creepy because they mention that of a white sheep and that of a young woman, blonde, with long hair, and round face, similar to that of the grandmother of the family. However, the third appearance is the worst , since it was a force that grabbed the ankle of one of the inhabitants of the house when it was in front of a door inside the house, an experience lived by the mother and a son of the Porto family.

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