Membrillo Bajo


One of the towns with a tragic history, paranormal phenomena and apparitions of ghosts, that is El Membrillo Bajo, in Huelva, a town that today is more than abandoned, razed to its foundations. Today its ruins or what remains of the town, are covered by plants, as witnesses of what was once a hamlet of Zalamea la Real, inhabited by just over 100 inhabitants. Each of its stones has a tragic year: 1937. That year of the Civil War, the town was erased from the map like a scribble, caught and bombarded by a group of Falange militiamen, as a paramilitary group and members of the Army that served as support for. Its inhabitants fled to nearby towns such as Zalamea itself or El Membrillo Alto. But many of them were tortured and murdered by machete, since according to the Falangists themselves, this saved them ammunition. It was a full-scale massacre, a massacre that had begun with a dispute since the nineteenth century in which the villagers claimed 150 hectares that a landowner who were finally expropriated from the land by the Spanish Republic. This was the trigger and excuse for the massacre.

Today is an abandoned town but we can not stop imagining in its silent enclosure that happened in that fateful summer. However, the images and sounds of that devastating moment, continue to appear in the area as a high quality film.

Several neighbors and other witnesses claim to have seen human figures among the ruins of the town, to have heard noises of movement among the stones, as well as strange lights in an area that is not inhabited.

Many of these noises are sounds of horror and images of death and desolation as well as a permanent smell of iron, a typical smell of blood mixed with fire and burning Wood.