Archaeological Museum of Jerez

The city of Jerez, with great history and legend, also has ghosts hanging around its different dwellings. One of them is specifically the headquarters of what precisely serves to show its history and relics of the past, specifically its archaeological museum.

The museum is located in the neighborhood of San Mateo, near the parish of the same name, in a building that belonged to the cabildo and is part of one of the first neighborhoods created by Alfonso X el Sabio, after the Christian conquest of the Muslim authorities of that time.

Today the building is the headquarters of the archaeological museum, belonging to the town hall, and shows the jewels of a history of Jerez and the province of Cádiz and the vestiges of all the civilizations that have passed through here.

The building is an 18th century baroque building, and its courtyards often recall those palatial structures of the colonial era. Nowadays, being transformed into a museum, it is divided into several rooms from the Paleolithic period, until today passing through Roman, Visigothic and Islamic times.

Among the attractions of the area are the Corinthian Greek warrior helmet, found in the vicinity of the Carthusian monastery, a bracelet in the area of ​​El Cuervo and a bottle from the Caliphate era.

In the meantime archaeological remains (many of them not yet dated and kept in the funds), some workers talk about poltergeist type phenomena such as falling planks, opening doors, closing them, turning lights on and off at any time of the day .

Another phenomenology is the noise of footsteps or steps without the presence of any person seen in broad daylight or the light of the museum. However what causes more terror in this space full of history, is the presence of a shadow or translucent figure in other cases, which appears in the area of ​​the Corinthian helmet and disappears in a few seconds sometimes releasing laments and other times laughter.

It may be that the museum, being a receptacle of history and legend, has also retained spectral beings from another world or is really simply pure legend. We invite you to discover it yourself.