Arizon Palace

If a building keeps mystery with the existence of a ghost, it is the palace of Arizon, now converted into a four-star hotel. This place located in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, has a history and a legend.

The small palace, was the dwelling of Diego de Arizon, a loader that trafficked and sold the gold of America, in fact the palace was located in a privileged position that allowed him to see all the ships that arrived from America by the Guadalquivir river.

We forgot to say that the epoch of which we spoke was the eighteenth century, a time before the end of the Hispanic empire of America, in which Peninsular Indians or Spaniards made their fortune and came to be entire campaigns in America without appearing for their places of origin .

Such is the case of Diego de Arizon, whose wife Margarita had to feel abandoned by her husband who fell into the arms of his servant. Such was the passion that uncovered that the relationship was long, however a Turkish slave in the service of Arizon, told the husband the existence of these loves, and after checking, killed his wife and buried his body somewhere in the travel palace. The owner was executed and in the end the palace was abandoned in a sort of halo of mystery and tragedy.

It is said that in the Torreón area, the spectrum of a white lady appears, which appears on full moon nights, and which probably corresponds to the spirit of Margarita. However, his appearances do not remain in spectral and ethereal forms.

Some visitors say that not only the specters appear, but also an Aparicio of their faces in the different rooms of the palace, emulating the famous Faces of the Jiennense town of Belmez de la Moraleda.