Villalones Palace

In traditional Cordoba, we find another ghost story in the neighborhood of San Andrés, concretely with an old house from the 16th century known as Palacio de Orive, or Villalones palace “or as in Córdoba the enchanted house is known. The building is of Renaissance style in its facade, and nothing else the figure of its lintel, puts to each one that the fear sees it in its heart. This is the beginning of the story.

History indicates that in this house lived a corregidor named Don Carlos de Ucel y Guimbarda. This individual was a widower when he was relatively young and according to legend, his only daughter was the victim of a curse. One night in the middle of a strong storm, our protagonist was visited by strange travelers who had nowhere to stay to pass the storm, and Don Carlos just invited them to stay at his house.

The daughter, from the beginning, was attracted by the strange appearance of the guests, and began to spy on them through the keyhole to verify that they were performing a magical ritual around a candle that looked yellow. According to the legend, with a spell one of the visitors could open a hole in the ground and extract all the riches from it.

The girl, unable to believe what she saw, repeated exactly the ritual she learned thinking about a game. The yellow candle allowed to open the hole again and she went in search of the treasures to the depths of the earth. However, he did not realize that the candle was consumed quickly and finally when it was consumed, the hole was closed at once. Her cries for help and the desperate attempts of Don Carlos to rescue her daughter were in vain, the girl finally disappeared. Don Carlos died sad and with a life without meaning for such a bitter loss.

From there, the legend or rumors tell that at nightfall, cries and laments come from inside the palace, and that an enigmatic shadow walks through the palace. A shadow that even nineteenth-century writers of the romantic era mention it as something unusual and present in the enigmatic nights of that palace.

Today is one of those official buildings in which many workers mention having lived unusual scenes: strange vibrations of the floor, lights that light themselves, a macabre lament that is heard sometimes on the ground floor and the appearance of a beautiful girl dressed with a white and vaporous dress that carries a yellow candle in her hand. A house affected by the curse and that you have to know


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