Plaza de la Merced

Plaza de la Merced, is one of the nerve centers of apparitions of ghosts of the city of Huelva. This area has the church of La Merced as a building attached to an adjoining building that today is the headquarters of the University of Huelva.

However, before being a university building, the site was part of an 18th century convent of Mercedarian nuns. After the disentailments of the nineteenth century, in which the building is abandoned, in the twentieth century happens to form the University of Huelva, specifically the Faculty of Business.

According to witnesses as students and night workers of the cleaning, they tell of the presence of a nun who walks through the room holding the hand of two children.

There is also talk of noise, polstergeist phenomena and the switching on and off of lights that disrupt visitors’ activity. However, there is not much more information and there is only one night in one of the walls of the building.