Murillo Route

Seville, the historical and eternal host of diverse cultures, was also the capital of the world at the time in the colonies and the Conquest of America.
Seville enjoyed times of prosperity during the 16th and 17th centuries of gold. Specifically in this last century, it is when the city has greater cultural and religious effervescence.
A mixture of both would give rise to the most important cultural manifestation of the time, particularly the Baroque. Religion was a breeding ground and inspiration for the artists of this movement however it was also imposed by the Church due to the historical context of the moment.
At this time, it is the time of the great masters like Zurbarán, Herrera the Elder, Roelas, Velázquez or Murillo. Although Velázquez was the universal and pictorial genius of the Sevillian period, Murillo represents the naturalistic school and the mannerism being the city of Seville the inspiring and the influence in the life of the Sevillian painter.
Murillo does not offer only religious representations as immaculate but also portraits of the life of that imperial city that as the Baroque also had its chiaroscuro.
Commemorating the fourth centenary of the birth of the painter we offer a route through Seville showing his works and the corners and for those who lived.Access each of the points and discover an audiodescribed guide by clicking on the “listen” button twice.