Seminar of the Ladies of the Angels

In the Sierra de Hornachuelos Natural Park, in Cordoba, there is one of the most important Mediterranean forest and riparian zones of Sierra Morena that connects with the Sierra Norte de Sevilla. This place is home to one of the darkest places and surrounded by legends of ghosts, the Seminar of the Ladies of Los Angeles.

The origins of this monastery begin in the spring of 1490 when it was founded by Fray Juan dela Puebla. This building has suffered throughout history a series of devastating fires and apparently can be related to a curse.

According to the legend, this curse fell in the form of a rain of fire if someone bought it or reformed it. In the 19th century, it would be the Marquises of Peñaflor who would buy it to create a recreational and recreational estate.

Before these curses and reforms, the building was originally an authentic palace dating from the fifteenth century but used until the early twentieth. Its isolation and its location in the area of ​​a gully attached to the swamp made it almost impregnable and in fact today access is on foot.

The legend mentions that in this place surrounded by Cuevas the specter of the penitent woman who spent many years doing penance in one of its caves and according to some hikers appears around the palace area. There is also talk of the legend of the soldier who was found dead in his cave on his knees with his hands joined and praying with the rosary in his hands.

Another of the legends in the Ecijano, creator for a promise fulfilled the great white granite Cross 9 meters high located a few meters before reaching the Monastery, who died just at the end of his work, which appeared claiming a Christian burial , and that stopped appearing when a pastor found his bones and finally buried him. However, the legend has the variant of a protective spirit, as there are cases of people who have fallen down the ravine and who have escaped unharmed from the accident.

The building consists of 4 different and huge blocks of 5, 7, 8 and 9 floors each, with about 20 rooms and their respective bathrooms and terraces and where part of the furniture remains today almost intact. It has 3 common patios, 2 of them with a pool.

The complex also has crypts carved in natural caves, with altars made with stalactites where the imagination could play some tricks in the middle of the night.

The phenomena that usually occur are cases of blows given by researchers; windows that open and close alone; feeling of being watched and not being alone; steps when the building is empty and voices with scratches on the walls and to add more, we have cases of phenomena of contributions or materialization of objects that we do not know where they come from.

The Chapel is one of the places of more paranormal activity where they speak of abrupt changes of temperature, where time seems to have stopped and whose aspect is more gloomy than in the rest of buildings. The sensation is of absolute tenebrism ..

Undoubtedly a mysterious place with a history of six centuries is still in whose walls is represented as an old movie, the scenes of pain and suffering in a building designed for peace, tranquility and meditation.