Cervantes theater in Almería

The Cervantes theater in Almería, is that place in the city full of tragedy and paranormal phenomena according to the legend. A legend that would begin on January 21, 1922. That day in the city the play “Santa Isabel de Ceres” was released. A work with some controversy because it was called inappropriate, calling it lustful, something that had aroused great interest among the public and that night all tickets had been sold. The work was not the only incentive but the presence of the actress Conchita Robles, who after several years out and at 27, returned to her homeland preceded by a deservedly earned fame.

However, the public was not the only one interested in his presence, but also someone with other intentions, his ex-husband Carlos Verdugo, an extremely possessive and jealous cavalry commander who had even forced him to abandon his career as an actress. The girl, had separated from the fed of enduring years of jealousy, control and vexations to which she had been subjected.

According to eyewitnesses, they had seen the officer hanging around and drinking in the taverns near the theater and already warned of the possibility that he was looking for trouble. However they did not realize that he had sneaked into the work posing as a producer, and to top it all he got an appointment with the actress who went to meet him in his backstage dressing room

At the time of changing clothes, the ex-husband came to meet her with a pistol. She was terrified and grabbed a 16-year-old boy named Manuel Aguilar who worked in the theater’s posters and put it in front of her thinking, she thought that this way I would not shoot him. However, she did not think about it and shot several times both her and the boy

The next scene was horrifying as she climbed onto the stage, staggering, mortally wounded and full of blood, since one of the shots had hit her neck and another the heart. Initially the public thought that it was part of the representation, stood up and began to applaud. They were not aware until they found the dying boy indicating that the shots were real and equally dead.

This tragedy, gave rise to the legend about the appearance of a ghost more than 90 years later, where many people have been assuring that something strange happens between its walls. There are usually changes in temperature, steps in empty corridors, voices that scare everyone and strange presences that move around the stage. The witnesses speak of having seen a woman with a headscarf walking through the corridors of the Cervantes. They also claim to see a man in a suit who lacks a hand. The description is that of the actress and the owner of the theater that was unmanly, however the events do not end here because in the decade of the 40s and on stage Cervantes committed suicide one of his stagehands. Everything else you can discover inside.