Sorolla and his gardens

jardines de Sorolla.caixaforum
On July 5 was inaugurated the exhibition Sorolla a garden to paint at the Caixa Forum Sevilla. It will remain there until next October 15th.
In it we will discover as Sorolla meets one of his greatest desires: to be able to unite his great passions the painting and his family.
Thanks to his wide vision he will turn the gardens of his house into unique places inspired by all that he had previously visited. Specifically the Andalusian patios that could be known in the cities of Seville and Granada.
Gardens with fountains, tiles, columns, statues, fruit trees and decorative plants as beautiful roses of all colors.
All this is also plasmo on canvases that detail perfectly the patios and gardens that are in the Alhambra of Granada or in the Royal Alcázares of Seville.
The exhibition also details the artist’s sketches, such as the gardens of his house in Madrid.
Sorolla was already internationally consecrated at the time. Having received awards for his works, such as the Grand Prix at the Universal exhibition in Paris.
It is at that time when it decides to begin the creation of an intimate place where to be able to take refuge and to create new works.
In these gardens where the artist rested and pondered we can find different colors, in his numerous plants and flowers that decorate it.
A decoration that will no doubt transport us to the Andalusian gardens, filling all the corners with light and smell.
This and much more can be seen in this great exhibition.