Birds and sustainable tourism.
The ornithological tourism known in the Anglo-Saxon world as Birdwatching is another of the tourist alternatives that we offer in Andalusia.

Areas of sighting and emblematic species

Its privileged geographical situation and its climatic variability allow the existence of many ecosystems and protected natural zones.

In addition to its situation in southern Europe and close to Africa, it turns our region into bird habitat. Also passing towards the African continent.

cigueña de doñana. turismo ornitologico

The natural areas of Andalusia are different according to their geographical accidents and allow the existence of great biodiversity.
Mountains, marshes, forests, coastal areas and steppes cover the Andalusian geography.
They constitute in some cases true sanctuaries for the birds that inhabit or simply pass through our geography.
Andalusia has two national parks, 24 natural parks and more areas with some protection.

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According to the season, different species of birds can be seen as an incentive to visit in our region.
This tourism, successful in many European countries and in the United States, allows us to know the biodiversity of our region.
It also allows it to be known to the rest of the world and contributes to the protection of it.
This type of tourism is sustainable as it helps the conservation of the environment without altering the slightest because with a pair of binoculars and a camera can be enjoyed in the ornithological richness that inhabits Andalusia.

gaviotas en doñana.turismo ornitologico

From here we offer different spaces to visit and to know our ornithological richness and to contribute to the protection of them. We offer the possibility to know the birds of the different spaces most emblematic of the region showing an equally emblematic species to be able to visualize and contribute to the protection.
Within the spaces to be offered, we will provide links so that fans of bird watching can choose their accommodation, a map with the routes and sighting areas as well as the songs of the birds reproduced to facilitate their identification.
Enjoy our wealth and our biodiversity.

Areas of sighting and emblematic species


  • Areas of sighting and emblematic species
    Maritime areas.

Estrecho Natural Park


Laguna de Fuente de Piedra ( Flamingo)

laguna de fuente de piedra




Sierra Norte Natural Park

Cazorla,Segura y las Villas Natural Park