Located between two seas and with different beaches and ecosystems to enjoy, Andalusia is ideal for diving activity.
Numerous clubs and associations offer the possibility of renting equipment and organizing underwater expeditions. The existence of underwater natural spaces offers us a different natural world.
Counting on the Atlantic coast and ending with the Mediterranean coast Levantina, numerous landscapes and underwater ecosystems are shown in all its splendor.
From here we recommend the best places for the practice of diving through the most complex team or the realization of surface diving.
The main underwater areas to visit and enjoy are the following in which we also show the different offers and routes.
Natural park of the marshes and Pinar de Barbate (Playa de los Lances).
This natural park in addition to having as ecosystems the marshes and the pine forest that give its name, have a nautical mile of protection along the marine space of the cliff.
This area whose seabed has special protection due to the great biodiversity existing in its sandy bottom, habitats of algae, molluscs and fishes.
Near that area is the natural spot of the beach of Los Lances, a place for diving due to the large number of sunken ships and the species that inhabit here.

Strait Natural Park
This area is of great natural and scenic richness, being close to the Strait of Gibraltar.
Its underwater richness does not allow to visualize species such as red coral, phanerogams species and fish such as bluefin tuna,
However, the natural richness of this area corresponds to cetaceans. Several species can be found in summer as the bottlenose dolphin, the common fin or the sperm whale.


Cabo de Gata Níjar Natural Park.

This natural park is probably the best dive area in all of Andalusia. Its underwater landscapes allow the realization of seven diving routes.

It is an area of great tourist attraction due to its volcanic origin and its great fauna and flora richness.

In underwater routes we can contemplate landscapes of underwater natural walls. We can also discover the presence of underwater caves.

 Diving in happy divers ( Marbella, Malaga)

Finally we can see banks of groupers who are a large fish.

Diving baptism for one, two or four people in Cabo de Gata