Nautical Sports

Pantano de Zahara.deportes Nauticos
Pantano de Zahara
Andalusia is located between two seas, and its marine variety allows the realization of nautical sports.
However our region not only enjoy the sea, but also of many rivers and swamps.
Activities and nautical sports are valid for all budgets. You can enjoy the waters either marine or interior and its natural landscapes with boats.
The coast of the light or the Atlantic coast, is an area influenced by the winds of Levante or Poniente. This allows sailing activities to be carried out in all of its categories.
The Bay of Cadiz, in Square in the natural park of its same name, is an area to practise sailing in the different categories like catamaran, pedal, windsurf and others.
However, the waters of the bay also allow the realization of activities like kayaking.
The coastal area of Huelva, although less influenced by the wind, also allows nautical activities.

However, the area of the Strait of Gibraltar, specifically on the beaches of Tarifa, we find the mecca of windsurfing.
The Costa del Sol, that area where luxury prevails and where we can find boats of astronomical prices and that could also be booked.
Inland waters.
Although Andalusia is known to be between two seas, we must not forget its interior water.
The region is crossed by the river Guadalquivir, and also the river Genil. It also has a lot of natural or artificial reservoirs.
In recent years, these waters have become a place of recreation for kayaking, canoeing or rapid descent.
In calm waters, we find the Guadalquivir River at the height of Cordoba. We can also highlight the existence of reservoirs, such as the stride, in Jaén, in the Natural park of Cazorla.

Other dams include the Embalse de Bembezar, in the natural park of the Sierra de Hornachuelos in Cordoba. You can also kayak in the reservoir of Zahara, in the natural park of Grazalema in Cadiz.
Embalse de Bembezar.deportes nauticos
Embalse de Bembezar
In Whitewater the river Genil near Granada becomes the ideal area in spring when it reaches the thaw.