Faculty of Law of Cordoba

Another of the usual centers of paranormal and ghost phenomena in the city of Cordoba is the Faculty of Law. All this phenomenology begins to appear in the nineties of the twentieth century, at the time of a reform and subsequent adaptation of the building to be one of the venues of the university

All this phenomenology of the reciento is related to the own past of the building, constructed for more than five centuries, although with later rehabilitations and reforms, and that was soothes of a convent, antitubercular sanatorium, maternal hospital and hospice; an explosive mixture that leads one to think that some tragic event occurred between its walls was the trigger of all these phenomena.

According to eyewitnesses Ghosts, strange noises, furniture and chairs in motion, door closings and psychophonies that some have recorded inside, and confirm the presence of entities not belonging to this plane of existence.

The building is known in university circles as the most enchanted faculty in Spain. Whether or not the existence of these ghosts is true, the building has become a paranormal tourist route center; You can know its history, and being a convent, contemplate its baroque cloister of the seventeenth century, declared by the Well of Cultural Interest.

In these routes organized by Mysterious Cordoba, we can check the corridors and the darkest corners of this emblematic building. Its corridors show gloomy and fearful spaces that even those affected by heart disease should not access.