Hospital of Los Venerables

Justino de Neve, canon of the Cathedral of Seville, founded the Hospital of Los Venerables in the 19th century to attend to the helpless priests. Its main area is the domestic rooms distributed around a central courtyard with a recessed fountain and the church.

The church built in a single nave, has as main pictorial and thematic works, Valdes Leal paintings and helped by his son Lucas Valdes. The works of this church are religious.

Murillo contributed to the work of the foundation and also had great friendship with Justin de Neve, who was patron and protector. In this building, headquarters of the Focus Abengoa Foundation, we can find the following works.

Portrait of Don Justin de Neve (reproduction of the original)
The portrait shows the patron of Murillo appears seated before a porch; located next to a table, which show several allegorical elements on the condition of priest, such as books, the tower clock, symbol of temperance, and the bell, emblem of the observance.

Santa Catalina
This work represents the first stage of Murillo. It was time to use very contrasted lighting resources, as can be seen in the face of the saint, very bright and with a dark background.
Murillo captured a divine effect by using a real model which would be portrayed with the sword and palm, signs of his condition as a Christian martyr.

San Pedro Penitente de los Venerables.

The work represents the Apostle Saint Peter, and shows the importance of repentance to obtain divine forgiveness, a message in the mentality of the priests of the Hospital.
Murillo used a representation of the painter José de Ribera, already using tenebrist resources, as in the faithful representation of the saint, showing the passage of age and showing a scene of supplication

The Virgin and Child delivering bread to priests (reproduction of the original)
Work commissioned to Murillo by Justino de Neve, as the main work of the refinery. The Virgin and the Child distribute bread to the clergy, while they are pleased and amazed at the beneficent protection that the divine dispenses, showing a message about the importance of divine protection.
Murillo’s maturity is shown here with the image of the priests in their situation in the refectory

Immaculate Conception of the Venerables (reproduction of the original)
Another work contracted by Justin de Neve that was finally donated to the institution.
Possibly the best of his paintings dedicated to the dogma of La immaculate, highlighting its colors and contrasts with chiaroscuro typical of the baroque. The figure of the Virgin highlights an effect of permanent ascension with the angels flying around her. The volume of the body falls to the level of the head, and with beautiful features