Monastery of San Clemente

The Monastery of San Clemente was founded in 1248 in commemoration of the day of the conquest of Seville by Fernando III the Saint belonging to the Cistercian order. Although really there is no record of religious life in it until 1284. The convent goes under the protection of his son King Alfonso X the Wise at the request of Bishop Don Remondo and since then has a special relationship with royalty.

The church is of Mudejar type with similar coffered ceiling and a single nave and painted ceramic. The greater Altarpiece is work of Felipe de Ribas. There are paintings by Valdés Leal executing drawings of his father Lucas Baldes and decorating the presbytery There are decorations of saints that decorate the rest of the church through the Rococo painter Francisco Ximénez.

It is said that the monastery may have been the site of two paintings by Murillo, The Apparition of the Virgin to San Bernardo and The imposition of the chasuble to San Ildefonso (1650-1655) which have been reproduced.

The works offered are:

The lactation of San Bernardo (reproduction of the original).

This painting is related to the imposition of the chasuble on San Ildefonso y. Both works would be sold to Queen Isabel de Farnesio.

It narrates the miracle of the appearance of the virgin offering breastfeeding due to her devotion and Marian devotion.

Murillo showed in painting a play of light and shadow between heaven and earth; showing a deep spirituality. After the saint, books referring to his Marian writings are shown, and a vase with lilies, symbol of chastity.

The Imposition of the chasuble to San Ildefonso (reproduction of the original).

San Ildefonso, Archbishop of Toledo, received a chasuble from the virgin so that he could dress with her in the Marian festivities. The painting is complex since it shows a relationship of many characters.

San Ildefonso had a double relationship with Seville, first as a monk of a monastery of the same order and on the other as a student of the doctor of the San Isidoro church.