The climate of Andalusia, its cities, geography, nature and not its festivities make it a benchmark for leisure.
The different corners of our region offer the possibility of doing all kinds of activities. Andalusia is a region where sport can be practiced.
Being located between two seas, you can do nautical activities of all kinds. Not only in summer but the rest of the year if you have a boat or not, as you can rent, you can enjoy the sea.
On the coast of Tarifa are made nautical sports related to the wind. Tarifa is known as the Mecca of windsurfing, and many of the fans of this sport come here from all over the world.
However Andalusia is not only windsurfing, as in its waters you can practice sailing, kayaking, and new sports like the Paddelsurf.
Sports in Andalusia are not only nautical sports but there are also many natural areas such as mountains and natural parks where hiking, cycling or caving.
However, we must not forget that Europe’s southernmost ski resort is located in Sierra Nevada. Oddly it is the first station that opens and the last one that closes.
Skiing is a sport that every year has more followers in Andalusia due to the quality of its slopes and the unbeatable quality of its services.
Andalusia is also a land of theme parks, waterparks, zoological parks of the 21st century and the unbeatable network of existing museums.
The last of the most important claims to offer in Andalusia is its gastronomy. A variety of products typical of each area are gastronomic or its wine routes shows us its richness.
From here we show you all the routes and places to enjoy the described. Andalusia is a place of leisure.