Thematic routes (AUDIOGUIDE)

From Andalusia you can organize  thematic routes with AUDIOGUIDE that can be cultural, monumental or religious.
The different civilizations that have gone through Andalusia have left their historical and cultural footprint. Phoenicians, Tartessios, Carthaginians, Romans, Goths, Muslims and Christians passed through the region, forming part of our history.

catedral de sevilla.rutas tematicas

Large cities such as Seville, Córdoba, Granada and Cádiz are examples of monumental cities with great history. However we must not forget more unknown places with great historical and monumental richness.
There are thematic routes not only in the monumental cities themselves but smaller towns. It can be routes of a specific civilization, of folklore, of activity or even of gastronomic type.
catedral de granada.rutas tematicas
These routes offer didactic information and even curiosities as an incentive to tourists. With these tourist routes we can discover all the history, the legends, the monuments, or even the historical characters that passed through here.

calle andaluza.rutas tematicas

We can discover all the treasures that they left in our community, whether architectural, artistic or folkloric.