Routes of Mystery

Andalusia that a community rich in folklore of stories of the Hereafter, so that from there we organize routes of mystery in the different places.
The history full of many rites, traditions and folklore have also reached their mark in Andalusia. The mystery routes tell the different legends and phenomena understood as unexplained for science.
Stories of ghosts, spirits, goblins and other inexplicable phenomena occur throughout the Andalusian geography. The influence of the different peoples who have passed through here have left their inestimable footprint.
These stories of mystery attract a large audience and become an alternative to monumental tourism.
There are many stories known as unexplained facts throughout the region, however, possibly the best-known case is in the twentieth century.
In 1971, a neighbor of a humble house in the town of Bélmez de la Moraleda, in Jaén, discovered an unusual fact. In his house had appeared a series of faces painted on its walls and of unknown origin.
It had begun the phenomenon of the faces of Bélmez, whose origin is unknown although it is related to spirits and ghosts of the Hereafter.
In the same area of Jaén, there is a belief in the existence of mythological beings such as centaurs, goblins and demons. This area is the Sierra Mágina, full of routes of mystery and folklore.
The great cities like Seville, also do not get rid of these phenomena. The area of the pantheon of the illustrious citizens of Seville, with the Faculty of Fine Arts and its surrounding streets, an area of appearance of spirits
This area located in the heart of the city is not the only place, as in old palaces, or religious buildings, have been given phenomena of equal nature.
Córdoba, also does not stay behind with its stories of ghosts of wars in the Faculty of Medicine.
As well as other localities in any other town in the region that has suffered traumatic episodes.
Periodically we will offer routes and describing stories to enjoy them and in some cases panic