Historical routes

Andalusia received throughout its history the influence of different cultures that left its mark. This allows us to create a serious historical route through our region.
Our region has archaeological remains since prehistoric times and allows us to know the influence of the first civilizations.
The first primitive men left monumental remains in the western and eastern areas. The western part has megalithic remains as in the case of the dolmens of the wild asparagus or the shepherdess.
In the eastern area, remnants of the Algar culture also left their imprint.
In historical times, Tartessians in the western zone and the Iberians in the east were the first civilizations without forgetting Greeks and Phoenicians.
Estatua ibera Baeza.Rutas historicas
Estatua ibera Baeza


The Tartesia culture left remains in the area of Huelva and Seville, like treasures like the Lamb or Ebora. The Eastern zone was influenced by Iberos.
The Phoenicians colonized the coast founding cities such as Onoba (Huelva), Gadir (Cádiz), Ispal (Sevilla), Malacca (Málaga) or the city (Adra) finding numerous archaeological remains and sites.
From Greece, there are remnants of commercial routes and ships. However, one of the most influential civilizations was Rome.
The Roman culture left remains of cities like Castulo (Jaén), Italica (Sevilla) or Baelo Claudia (Cádiz) and a long list of remains to be visited through historical routes.
mosaico Romano italica.rutas historicas
mosaico Romano italica
The other great culture that left us with the greatest influence was Islamic,
Umayyad Caliphate, Taifa kingdoms and North empires lived for eight centuries leaving structures and works difficult to see in Europe.
The great cities like Cordoba, Seville or Granada, own of Islamic epoch have left works and archaeological remains of great beauty and unequalled.
Alcazar de Sevilla. Rutas historicas
Alcázar de Sevilla
After the Christian conquests, numerous religious-type buildings were built within the Islamic-mapped cities.
The next epoch of great splendor in Andalusia was that of the discoveries where Seville, Huelva, or Cádiz.
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