Ten beaches to get lost in Andalusia.

The region of Andalusia, located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, offers us more than 600 kilometers of coastline and also many kilometers of beach. These beaches are special places to enjoy the marine waters during the summer and also in a time other than the summer. The different geographical features show us different types of beach and coastline.
Whether located in the Atlantic or the Mediterranean, we find beaches with white, golden, black sand or stones, whether marine or volcanic. Andalusia has beaches on flat coasts or coasts with cliffs. This is the geographical and natural wealth that we can discover many spaces. The beaches to cover lost in our region are the following that we will indicate below:
Beach of the parador (Huelva). This beach located in the province of Huelva and located in the natural area of ​​Doñana, is one of the most beautiful in Huelva. Its privileged location, open to the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by pine trees and with hardly any urbanization, makes it a corner away from the madding crowd. The only construction is the national inn of Mazagón. This beach is a continuation of the Doñana National Park and contains protected species such as the Iberian lynx. On June 24, 2017, its pine forests suffered a forest fire that devastated more than eight thousand hectares, ending with many species and destroying the natural access to the beach. Today this beach and this natural space are recovering.

playa del parador. Jose A.

Beach that Cuesta Maneli (Huelva). Continuing with the previous beach and similar characteristics, we found this beach in the same natural area of ​​Doñana with the exception of having a small cliff called Asperillo cliff. The only construction located in this area is the camping but its pine forests invite us to a walk in the nature and its beach open to the Atlantic without hardly receiving east wind, they allow us to enjoy the coast and a clean water.

PLaya de Cuesta Maneli.Autor Ricardo Ramirez Gisbert

Levante beach (Cádiz). Located in the port of Santa María, as a continuation to the urbanized beach of Valdelagrana. This one that in 1989, the natural park Bay of Cádiz will be created, this beach was like a redoubt without urbanizing and a place of wild nature. The beach is more than two kilometers long, with fine sand and surrounded by dunes, and pipes that flood with the rise of the tide. This place, due to the frequency of its winds, is a place for water sports, however this activity is declining due to the fact that this zone of protection and nesting of species such as the little terns or black-legged plover.

Playa de Levante.autor el Pantera

Beach of the castle (Cádiz). It constitutes the continuity in the beach of Camposoto, in San Fernando. This beach was formerly a field for military maneuvers, however since 1989, they are part of the natural park of the Bay of Cádiz. This beach can only be accessed by walking, swimming or with small boats and we can contemplate the castle of Sancti Petri, with waters similar to the Caribbean Sea.
Beach of Bolonia (Cádiz). Located in the vicinity of the Strait of Gibraltar, to vote constantly for the winds that make it a paradise for water sports. This beach has a spectacular dune that is constantly moving and in some cases covers the road. It is a beach with crystal clear waters looking towards Africa and with the only human construction of the ruins of the Roman city of Bologna.

Playa de Bolonia. autor Anual

Beach of Valdevaqueros (Cádiz). Near the previous beach located in the natural park of the Strait, with another spectacular dune, is another one of those beaches without urbanizing in addition paradise of birds and zone of ornithological observation. This area is a meeting place for lovers of windsurfing and kitesurfing. A place of nature and sport to enjoy.
Beach of the Lances (Cádiz). Following the previous beach, within the same natural area, with the same type of dunes, surrounded by lagoons and marshes and an immense pine forest, is this beach, near the town of Tarifa, where for its location close to Africa, it is a zone of passage and nesting of numerous species of birds. This place together with all those located in the area of ​​the Strait of Gibraltar is a place for lovers of water sports.

Beach of Cabo Pino (Málaga). If it is difficult to find a corner of the Costa del Sol without urbanizing, it is more difficult to find a really virgin beach, but in the crowded Marbella, it is possible to find an oasis, a haven of peace and nature in Cabo Pino and be able to contemplate, the cord of more than 20 kilometers that form the dunes of Artola, a place to practice naturism.
Calas del Pino (Malaga), located east of Nerja, is a small beach of just over 300 meters and whose access is down through a very steep slope of more than 200 meters, however, the result deserves Sorry, we can already see the image of a beach with crystal clear waters where it seems that the hand of man has never made a dent in it. A paradise of calm and green waters of which we can enjoy without hardly visitors even in summer time.
Cala del Pino.Autor Por los caminos de Malaga

Catarrijan beach (Granada). With this beach we open the beaches formed by stone, but without a doubt, this form of land, allows to have a crystal clear water and its small size of something more than 300 meters make it a privileged place for the practice of scuba diving and snorkeling. Its location within the natural park of Maro-Cerro Gordo, turns the place into a paradise where you can contemplate spectacular sunsets.
Playa de la Rijana (Granada): Located near Castell de Ferro, this beach of gravel and sand, only 200 meters long and a small beach bar to enjoy fried fish or cocktails in a special place for diving, precisely because of the lack of human infrastructure

Cove of Enmedio (Almería). One of the most spectacular coves in Andalusia, located in the natural park of Cabo de Gata, where we can see forms of rocks that are fossilized dunes and crystal clear water that falls from the rocks as if forming pools, on a virgin beach without services and that maintains the power to protect nature. A beach that is difficult to access but which should be visited because it is worthwhile just to dive through its paradisiacal waters.
cala de Enmedio

Playa de los Genoveses (Almería): also located in Cabo de Gata. Another beach in Almería, with more than 1200 meters and with a volcanic promontory that shows the geological beauty of this space where numerous films have been shot and that still constitutes one of the virgin spaces of Andalusia.
For the beaches of Almeria and Cabo de Gata, we will speak later due to its variety and quantity of ecosystems. It serves this small sample, in this post to enjoy our beaches and the richness of our coasts.