Astronomical Tourism

Andalusia, due to its geographical location and its meteorology with about 300 days of clear nights, is also a privileged place for astronomical tourism or astrotourism. Moving away more and more from cities where light pollution is high and we can barely glimpse the sky.The region has numerous places to carry out starry sky observation activities to visualize all its celestial bodies such as stars, planets, comets or shooting stars. that delight astronomy fans.

With just a pair of binoculars you can go to the field, the mountain or the beach, we can discover the elements and phenomena of the universe. It is a solo activity but there are also groups that organize meetings and provide specialized equipment such as telescopes and other astronomical observation elements. We can also enjoy didactic talks about the universe, either for specialists or amateurs in astronomy.

Andalusian space also has numerous scientific astronomical observatories that allow not only scientific activity but also the organization of visits to enjoy our skies with the most specialized technology in this field.

In natural spaces away from the madding crowd, in addition to geographical accidents, its flora or fauna, we can also discover, looking towards our skies, a great astronomical wealth that, as we have said, the uniqueness of the region and its privileged climatic situation with a great possibility clear nights allows us to discover the universe in its maximum splendor.

Come and discover the spaces of astronomical tourism in our region, in the privileged places of the eight provinces to discover astronomical tourism.